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Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan Making a Claim
Important Notice: Change in cheque pick up process
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In order to collect SUB, you must follow these steps, immediately after you are laid off:

  • Report to the Union Office to have your name put on the out-of-work book, at which time you must provide the dispatcher with your EI Separation Certificate. (You will be given a slip, signed by the dispatcher. This shows the date that you reported, and it will be required by the Benefits Office.)
  • Register a claim under Employment Insurance.

  • When you receive your first Employment Insurance cheque:

  • Send the EI benefit statement, cheque stub, or printout from Services Canada showing each weekly period and the amount paid by EI, as well as the out-of-work slip, to the Benefits Office. Services Canada is attempting to automate their processes and may no longer provide a benefit statement or stub that provides the required information. You will be required to establish an online account with Services Canada using the Access Code provided on your first EI statement. You may register for your Service Canada online account here: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/online/mysca.shtml
  • Once you have downloaded your EI statement from your Services Canada account that shows the weekly period and the amount paid, you may send it electronically, along with your out-of-work slip to the Benefits Office, and fill out the SUB Plan Claim form. Documents can be emailed to ua46sub@bpagroup.com.
  • As you continue to receive Employment Insurance Benefits, send the EI Statements showing the weeks paid by EI to the Benefits Office.

Note: Apprentices on a government sponsored training course are eligible for SUB benefits provided they are receiving EI benefits. These members should obtain certification of their status from the Local 46 office before submitting their claim to the Benefits Office.

When you apply for benefits, you will receive SUB benefits for your first full week of unemployment if you satisfy the above conditions. No SUB benefits are payable during the waiting period applicable to EI sickness benefits, but you may be eligible for disability benefits.

If you are unemployed, you must register as being out of work before you can receive SUB benefits, even if you are receiving EI unemployment benefits. If you are applying for, or receiving, EI sickness benefits, you must file your short term disability claim to receive SUB benefits. You will not receive any SUB benefit for any period prior to registering as being out of work (or prior to filing your short term disability claim), or if you qualified for EI layoff or sickness benefits by working non-union.

If you are on a travel card there may be no SUB contributions coming in. Check with our Local 46 office before you go on travel card to see if the other local has SUB contributions that will be reciprocated on your behalf.